Suits dry cleaning cost in Birmingham,UK

Your suit is your armor. It’s also one of the most expensive additions to your wardrobe–and one of the hardest to clean. Which is why dry cleaning a suit is critical to keeping your suits in good condition, whether you’re wearing a custom suit or an off-the-rack bargain suit.
The suits dry cleaning cost in Birmingham,United Kingdom ranges from £12 to £24. For more information you can check our price list.

Here’s why you NEED to have your coat dry-cleaned by professionals..

  • There are many dry cleaning advantages, but one of the biggest dry cleaning benefits is the careful treatment of pricey clothing.
  • Suits dry cleaning basically uses a lighter touch.
  • Your clothes are soaked in solvents, then carefully tumbled and steam-dried to keep them in the best shape possible. Then, they’re carefully pressed to ensure they look sharp.

How Often Should You Dry Clean a Suit ?

  • Most clothes see a lot of sweat, which means they need frequent laundering in order to look (and smell) fresh.
  • Suits, on the other hand, are a different ballgame. You might sweat in them, but you also treat them more carefully, and you don’t wear the same suit as often as you might wear a shirt.
  • First, think about how often you wear your suit. This directly impacts how much wear and tear (and sweat and grime) it attracts, which means it will need more frequent cleaning.
  • A suit worn only for job interviews or formal occasions, on the other hand, might only need an annual trip to the cleaner. Generally, you should take your suits to the cleaners every two months. If you wear the same suits in a cycle every day, they should go every two to three weeks.

And you don’t have to go out of your way to green dry clean either, we have a free pick up & drop off service in Birmingham, UK. Take a look at our prices, and you’ll see it doesn’t cost the earth to help save the planet.

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