4 reasons why you need professional laundry in Birmingham UK

When it comes to maintaining our valuable clothes, it’s mandatory for all of us to take the right preventative measures. Being professionally occupied does not allow us to focus our attention on these vital things. In such a situation, we can always fall back on professional dry cleaning & laundry services to receive our outfits in immaculate condition.

Reasons why you need professional laundry and dry cleaning services

  • Time Saving

One of the biggest benefits of  hiring our  laundry and dry cleaning services in Birmingham, UK is that they allow you to save a considerable amount of time. It’s the best alternative for those who are busy in their professional lives. No more will you have to spend hours washing all your clothes on your own. Let the professionals  do the job for you.

  • Delicate Washing

Delicate fabrics, including chiffon, embroidered silk, ninon, etc. necessitate  sensitive handling. Professionals like us give a delicate and separate washing to such garments, which maintain fine quality.

  • Suitable for Large Items

Items like blankets, curtains, carpets, etc. will be meticulously cleaned by    professionals. Avoid carrying all these things in a mucky condition. They will be cleaned in a way that appears as good as new.

  • Pickup and Delivery Services

Now, there will be no hassles of calling in or waiting in those unwanted long queues for booking your much-needed laundry service as Cabbage White offers free pick up & drop off for laundry across Birmingham, UK.


Coats dry cleaning cost in Birmingham UK

Do you love wearing coats but are worried about the hassles involved in cleaning them? Well, in this blog, you will find the answers to how to clean a suit coat safely. Read the blog to learn about the process involved in cleaning the coats.

The coats dry cleaning cost in Birmingham,United Kingdom ranges from £12 to £24. For more information you can check our price list

Coats are the best clothing that gives class and excellence in look. But the whole hassle of wearing and maintaining it boils down to the question of how to clean a coat. The coat is one of the most important pieces of clothing you will ever own. It is the foundation of your wardrobe for a classy look. In short, it is the one piece of clothing that is essential for a formal look. To keep your coat in top condition, you need to have them dry-cleaned.

Here’s why you NEED to have your coat dry-cleaned by professionals..

  • Tailored cleaning Regimen

Dry cleaners tailor the cleaning regimen according the needs of your coat. There is not one cleaning method applied to all coats. According to the fabric and cleaning instructions, they design the method, products to be used, and process to apply. This ensures that the sensitive fibers of your coat do not get damaged.

  • No Water Damage

Instead of water, dry cleaners use organic solvents. Wool, fur and any other fabric that can be ruined with excess water will stay safe. Solvents used in dry cleaning apply no damage to sensitive material in your coat.

  • Embellishments Stay Intact

Often times, our biggest worry is lost buttons, torn laces or spoiled fur. But with dry cleaning, you can rest assure, that none of this will happen. Since there is no rough water rinse and clean process, your embellishments stay intact—even with antique laces or expensive buttons or pearls.

  • Adds Few More Years to Your Winter Coat

Cleaning your coats at home can ruin the fibres without you even noticing at times. Wool fibers swell and stretch with excess water while detergents can hide in the thick fibres and cause damage over time. Professional dry cleaning service know better about chemicals that suits best with your coat. This helps your coats stay in better condition longer.

Looking for professional coat dry cleaning services in Birmingham?  Try Cabbage White Linen laundry services. You can have your coat cleaned, smelling fresh, and looking as sharp as a new coat!


Suits dry cleaning cost in Birmingham,UK

Your suit is your armor. It’s also one of the most expensive additions to your wardrobe–and one of the hardest to clean. Which is why dry cleaning a suit is critical to keeping your suits in good condition, whether you’re wearing a custom suit or an off-the-rack bargain suit.
The suits dry cleaning cost in Birmingham,United Kingdom ranges from £12 to £24. For more information you can check our price list.

Here’s why you NEED to have your coat dry-cleaned by professionals..

  • There are many dry cleaning advantages, but one of the biggest dry cleaning benefits is the careful treatment of pricey clothing.
  • Suits dry cleaning basically uses a lighter touch.
  • Your clothes are soaked in solvents, then carefully tumbled and steam-dried to keep them in the best shape possible. Then, they’re carefully pressed to ensure they look sharp.

How Often Should You Dry Clean a Suit ?

  • Most clothes see a lot of sweat, which means they need frequent laundering in order to look (and smell) fresh.
  • Suits, on the other hand, are a different ballgame. You might sweat in them, but you also treat them more carefully, and you don’t wear the same suit as often as you might wear a shirt.
  • First, think about how often you wear your suit. This directly impacts how much wear and tear (and sweat and grime) it attracts, which means it will need more frequent cleaning.
  • A suit worn only for job interviews or formal occasions, on the other hand, might only need an annual trip to the cleaner. Generally, you should take your suits to the cleaners every two months. If you wear the same suits in a cycle every day, they should go every two to three weeks.

And you don’t have to go out of your way to green dry clean either, we have a free pick up & drop off service in Birmingham, UK. Take a look at our prices, and you’ll see it doesn’t cost the earth to help save the planet.