Green Clean

We are all aware of the impact that current day living is causing on our environment and the concerns this gives us for the future of the Planet.

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At Cabbage white we are committed to doing our part to be as ‘Green’ and ‘Environmentally Friendly’ as we can and we deliberated long and hard when deciding which type of cleaning solvents we should use for our dry cleaning process.
There are two types of cleaning solvent, perchloroethylene solvent (perc for short) and the newer siloxane-based solvent. Whilst siloxane is considered potentially kinder to the Environment there are several contradictions to this i.e. the machine cycle for using siloxane is longer using more gas and electricity and in our opinion is not as reliable in removing stains from your garments that often require a second cycle in order to achieve the desired results, using more utilities than necessary.


We have therefore selected perchloroethylene which has been the superior cleaning agent and used by 95% of Dry Cleaners throughout the World. However, we strive to be as conscientious as is practically possible and be kind to our Planet.

Below are listed some of the steps that we have taken:

  • Recycled and 100% degradable packaging and stationery whenever possible.
  • Highly efficient and brand new high tech machinery compliant with the latest European directives, using fewer utilities and Minimizing operating cycles.
  • Reusable garment holders and laundry bags Minimizing the packaging we need to use.
  • Reusable wooden coat hangers manufactured from sustainable forest locations.
Recycle Your Hangers

We present your garments to you on elegant wooden hangers. As a part of our effort to be a more eco-friendly business we always encourage our customers to return these hangers each time you come to one of our stores.